JAM. Plum Jam

Prodotto Terminato

Jam produced with fruit grown naturally in the Company.  There are brown sugar, lemon juice, and more than 80gr of fruit for every 100 gr of product. The final product has only 15 gr of sugar for every 100 gr of product.

Great for a breakfast or for stuff a cake. You can try it with creams, panna cotta and cheescake.



Plum jam is produced with the fruit cultivated by Violetta Gallotti in her Company Blomming Garden. She doesn’t use pesticides and during the processing of the fruit she doesn’t add preservatives, stabilizers or pectins. She uses more than 80 gr of fruits and less than 15 gr of brown sugar for every 100 gr of product. She adds a little bit of lemon juice.

This Jam is perfect for a breakfast with some dry biscuits of the Aia di Martino. If you are looking for a low-calorie breakfast you combine this jam with spelled crackers of Nonna Serminide. You can use it to stuff a cake or with creams, cheescake and panna cotta.

the jam is available in jars of 40 gr, 110 gr

You can book a room at Blomming Garden and have a special breakfast with Violetta’s jams.


Plum, brown sugar, lemon juice.


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40 gr, 110 gr


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