JAM. Apple and violet jam – 160 gr



Jam made with fruit produced directly in the company. The cultivation follows natural methods. Inside there are brown sugar, grape juice and 70 gr of fruit are used for 100 gr of product. The final product has only 47 grams of total sugars per 100 gr of product.

Excellent for breakfast or to stuff cakes and pies.



Apple and violets jam made with fruit self-produced by Violetta Gallotti in his company Blommig Garden and violets that are born spontaneously in his property. The fruit is not treated and no preservatives, stabilizers or pectins are added during processing. The fruit used is more than 70 gr per 100 gr of product, the total sugars are 47 grams on 100 gr. It is used only brown sugar, lemon juice as acidifier and violets that give a unique scent and aroma.

Excellent for breakfast can enrich a biscuit like the morning biscuits of Aia di Martino or for a less caloric breakfast try it with the spelled crackers of Nonna Sermide. You can use it to stuff a cake for.You can combine this jam with a seasoned cheese.

Available in 106 gr. Jars

You can also book a room in the Blomming Garden.

Golden apples, brown sugar, lemon juice, violets.

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