BOX two sauces for seasoning



Gift box containing two 210 g cans of sauces for condiments. They are the classic Italian pommarola and the Salsa arrabbiata (spicy pommarola.)

Ready to season a plate of pasta, for bruschetta or for a pizza.

Produced only with tomatoes and herbs from the Violetta vegetable garden in the Blommig Garden farm.



In the gift box you will find two 210 gr jars, one with the classic italian pommarola ready for the use, and the other with a spicy tomato sauce. Both are realize with tomatoes grown in the Violetta’s Company Blomming Garden. Just heat them up a little, adjust salt and they are ready to season a plate of pasta or it can be served on slices of toasted bread and a little bit of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil or to season a pizza.

For the specific characteristics click on Pommarola or Salsa arrabbiata.

It’s possible to book a room in the Company Blomming Garden.

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