BOX three sweet jams “Apple and pear”

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Transparent gift box containing three jars of apple or pear jams, the cans of 40g or 110g are: Apple ginger and walnuts, Pear and cinnamon, Apple and cocoa.

The jams are produced with the fruit of the company and do not contain preservatives, colorings or pectins. Only fruit, brown sugar and some lemon as an acidifier.



Transparent gift box containing three jars of apple or pear jams produced by Violetta Gallotti in her Blommig Garden Farm.

The jars can be from 40 gr or 110 g in the variants: Apple ginger and walnuts, pear and cinnamon and apple and cocoa.

For gift packs with other tastes, please send a request to [email protected] and we will be happy to satisfy all your requests.

These jams are made with fruit self-produced by Violetta in his company, all untreated fruit, during processing are not added preservatives, stabilizers or pectins. As a sweetener and preservative is use only brown sugar, as an acidifier a little bit of lemon juice and a little bit of ginger, cinnamon and cocoa to give a special taste.

For the characteristics of the single jams click on: Pear and cinnamon or Apple ginger and walnuts or Apples and cocoa.



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40 gr, 110 gr


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