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Frequently Asked Questions

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I don't want to receive your newsletter anymore, how can I cancel my registration?

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There are minimum quantities to be purchased?

Absolutely not. Keep in mind, however, that some products must be purchased per pack so, for example, some wines can only be sold in cartons of 6 bottles.

Can an order be canceled?

Yes, within 24 hours of taking charge and if the order has not yet been processed. To cancel or change the order, send an email to [email protected] and if the order has not yet been processed, the amount paid will be returned.

Are orders always accepted?

An order may not be accepted in whole or in part if it contains products that violate the laws of the country in which the delivery is requested or if the product is not currently available. In this case the customer will be contacted and replacement products of the same amount will be offered or if the customer does not accept the replacement he can cancel both the order totally and partially and in this case the amount paid for the canceled goods can be returned. transport costs included.

How is it possible to pay for the products purchased?

On it is possible to pay with VISA and MasterCard circuit cards, with PayPal, by bank transfer or cash on delivery.

Can you request an invoice for the products purchased?

Yes, at the time of the order it will be asked if an Invoice is desired and if so, the invoicing data must be indicated.

How is the package sent?

The package is entrusted to couriers that we trust or trust the manufacturer if the goods are shipped directly from the manufacturer. Regarding shipments made directly by Dispensa Fiorentina, delivery takes place within 2/7 working days of shipment if the destination is in Italy and within 15 days if abroad.

What to do if the package arrives damaged?

If the package is visibly damaged and it is already clear from the packaging that there may be damage to the goods, please refuse delivery and immediately notify us by e-mail to [email protected]

According to Italian law, in fact, the goods travel at the risk of the buyer, therefore once the delivery is accepted it is no longer possible to claim against the carrier for any damage.

In the event that the goods are refused upon delivery, Dispensa Fiorentina may release the purchaser from the burden of compensation on the carrier as it will be our responsibility to promptly return the products you have ordered and use the Courier for damages.

In the event that you notice that the goods are damaged after having accepted it by the courier, please photograph the damaged product and send the photo to [email protected] with the description of the damage, your name and the order number.

Can I use the right of withdrawal?

Of course, you can avail yourself of the Right of Withdrawal and be reimbursed in accordance with the law.

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