Dispensa Fiorentina is an online store where you can find the products of agribusiness and small craft for the table, characteristic of the Florentine territory.

Dispensa Fiorentina has a very particular assortment, niche products, small productions that we select based on originality, workmanship and the link with the territory and its traditions.

Why did we choose this name to best describe the products we offer?

We thought of those old pieces of furniture that furnished the kitchens of our childhood, the larders, but that in our countryside were called Mettitutto and from the name we understand their use.

Generally this piece of furniture was composed of four distinct parts: on one side the door is as long as the whole height of the piece of furniture behind which non-perishable foods such as pasta, jams, biscuits and dried pulses were stored, then there was the upper part, generally in glass, where the glasses and cups were placed. In the intermediate zone there was an empty compartment with the radio and the donut made by the mother. Under the open compartment there were drawers, generally three: one with table cutlery, one with ladles and large knives to prepare food, and one with a hand-made tablecloth, the one already a bit dirty. Under the drawers the counters with dishes, salad bowls and clean kitchen linen. We also wanted to highlight the origin of the products we offer, maybe we can trespass a bit in the neighboring provinces but they are always products of identity of our land, Florentine products that we would like to put in the larders that are beyond the border of our territory.

The small artisan companies or small producers that we offer have a strong bond with the land that hosts them and many live their work even with related activities such as catering and hospitality, ecological walks, cooking classes or ancient arts courses. activities that we want to advertise and that in our opinion serve to make the Florentine territory and its most genuine traditions known and appreciated.

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